Welcome Realtors!

We have put together this information to assist you when listing or conducting a sale of any property within Frenchman’s Reserve.  It contains important information including guidelines for equity membership, home sales & rentals and answers to many other questions you may have.  Please review the documents to educate yourself and any prospective buyer.  

Click on the links below to view the documents in .PDF format.  You may download and copy any of the documents for your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

2019/2020 Equity Dues Schedule

Social/Sport Equity Membership Privileges 

Optional Fees Sheet

Country Club Tenant Membership Information

For Information and Fees related to the Property Owner's Association

Club Rules and Regulations

Social Scene Newsletter

If you have additional questions regarding membership at Frenchman's Reserve Country Club or would like to schedule an informational tour of the Club, please contact Cynthia D'Aria, Membership & Lifestyle Director by calling (561) 630-0333 ext. 113 or emailing her at cdaria@frenchmansreservecc.com