Clubs Within a Club

Clubs within a Club is a personal way for fellow Members to share interests, commonalities, and get together to have a great time!

We encourage everyone to get involved as we help create an environment where Members can design and run their own specialty Clubs, such as a Wine Club or Motorcycle Club. Members decide whether they want to meet on a weekly or monthly basis to discuss, sample or do something active. We’re happy to assist in finding like-minded Members, providing tips and getting the Clubs up and running!

Clubs within a Club at Frenchman's Reserve:

Book Club
Meets 1st Monday of every month
1:00 pm - Clubhouse Library
We welcome you to join in to discuss the club's current read, as well as share a few laughs and good conversation.
Fine Wine Club
Meets 1st Wednesday of every month
6:00 pm - Main Clubhouse
Join us for a unique experience as wine lovers share and discover new varietals each month.
Texas Hold'em Poker Club
Meets Thursday evenings
Men's Card Room
We aim to have fun, play poker, and hopefully win a little.
Ladies Canasta Club
Meets Daily
1:00 pm - Ladies Card Room
Contact:  Ladies' Locker Room Attendant
Couples Hand n Foot Club
 (A version of Canasta)
Meets Thursday evenings
The Library
Contact:  Cynthia D'Aria
Ladies Bridge Club
Meets daily
1:00 pm - Ladies Card Room
Contact:  Ladies' Locker Room Attendant
Gin Rummy Club
Meets Friday mornings
Men's Card Room
For Golf Members interested in playing cards before heading out to the course
Contact:  Men's Locker Room Attendant
Ladies Mah-Jongg
Meets daily
1:00 pm - Ladies Card Room
Contact:  Ladies' Locker Room Attendant

Golf Member Clubs headed by our Golf Pro

Ladies 9 Holers
Meets Tuesday mornings for 9 and lunch to follow.
Women's Golf Association
Meets Tuesday mornings for 18 and lunch to follow.
Men's Golf Association
Meets Wednesday mornings for 18 and lunch.
Men's Saturday Group
Tee Times on Saturday mornings with lunch following.
The Late Swingers
Tee Times for this group are late in the morning, every Saturday.

Motorcycle Club
Meets... when its time to hit the road!
If you've got a bike, then you know how great it is to ride with other enthusiasts. This club arranges outings and trips in the local area to enjoy a good ride, and they'd love to have more company.
Walking Club
Meets daily on weekdays - 10:00am
Fitness Center
We are looking for anyone interested in on and off community walking groups
Ladies Water Aerobics Club
Meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:30am - Frenchman's Reserve Pool
Contact:  Fitness Director
Cycling Club
Meets on various days and times
A recreational club that encourages participation in all types of leisure and competitive cycling.